Do you realize how McDonald's resturant has an impact on our society? I'm sure that EVERYONE reading this remembers this phrase (link to the 1975 commercial at YouTube) :
"Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun"

The 1963 McDonald's Commercial Introducing Ronald McDonald - notice the price of a hamburger - 15 cents!

McSlang words that Americans have come up with - from

Titles used for McDonalds:
McD's, McDees, Mickey D's, Mcy D'z, Mcikey Deez, Macky D's, Mcdick's, McDank's, McDizzle's, McNasty's, McDumpy's, McGarbage -- McDoogles - The Scottish version of McDonalds.

McCulture - Fast-food culture, i.e. lack of culture, in reference to McDonalds. Fatty, uninteresting, nutritionally void & resembling cardboard in depth and flavor.

McWorld - what will happen if individual cultures disappear, replaced entirely by American culture.
~ Used in August 1999 National Geographic Magazine.

McDeal - A reduced mcdonalds value meal.
McDeath - A slang term used by militant anti capitalists to refer to an international chain of fast food outlets.
McDiet - Diet consisting of McDonald's food for every meal plus snacks. Usually used by fat idiots who don't know any better then sue McDonald's for their own stupidity.
McDominated - That feeling you get after eating at McDonald's.
McDoobies - Cheech and Chongs version of McDonald's in one of there old skits. you can order shrooms, hash brownies, and the leafy green letuce on yo big mac
McDumbass - The dumbass that has to open their car door in the drive through because their window doesn't work, then makes excuses for it.
McFreakin' - Being excited to the point of peeing your pants. Usually done over a fowl up in a McDonald's order.
McFuck - A form of male masturbation in which you have sex with a McFlurry.
McJob - What a McDonald's employee has
McNothing - A combo meal that you can have when you don´t any have money. An empty tray with a little cup of water.
McNut - 1. Noun - The semen one would shoot out in a McDonald's Bathroom or on/in a McDonalds employee. - 2. Verb - The act of shooting semen in a McDonalds bathroom or on/in a McDonald's employee.
McSquirts - Extensive diarrhea after the consumption of McDonalds.
McScrewed - When you go to McDonalds and your order comes back completely different from what you asked for and you have already left the drive thru.
McTarded - A McTarded person is someone who can't get a real job, and are so retarded that they end up in the fast food business for the rest of their lives.
McWee - A term used to describe the urination process that takes place inside a Mcdonalds establishment. Usually after far too much fizzy pop!
McWhore - A fat (supersized) girl who will do pretty much anything for $3.99.


A few pieces of McDs' history from

2 Mar 1955 Ray Kroc founds "McDonald's Systems Inc." It is later renamed "McDonald's Corporation" in 1960.

1958 100 million McDonald's hamburgers served.

27 Feb 1992 Trying to get the lid off her McDonald's coffee to add cream and sugar, 79-year-old Stella Liebeck accidentally splashes the 180-degree beverage on herself, causing third-degree burns to the thighs, genitals, and buttocks. After skin graft surgery and weeks of recuperation, Liebeck asks McDonald's to turn down the temperature of their coffee and pay $20,000 to defray her hospital bills. McDonald's tells the old lady to fuck off, as they had done for a decade of similar burn claims. Eventually, a jury awards Liebeck $2.9 million in the resulting lawsuit, which immediately triggers a renewed call for legislative tort reform. The judgment is reduced to $680,000 on appeal, after which the case is settled out of court for an undisclosed sum.

28 Jan 1997 Mence Powell is arrested for dealing marijuana out of the drive-thru window at a McDonald's in Monroe, Connecticut.

24 Nov 2002 A woman bites into her apple pie at a McDonald's in Eunice, Louisiana and cuts her lip on the razor blade hidden inside. 18-year-old employee Adam Joseph Fontenot later pleads guilty to shoving razor blades into three apple pies, and receives 5 years in prison.

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