1. Fear of beautiful women: Caligynephobia/ Venustraphobia

  2. Fear of wearing clothes: Vestiophobia

  3. Fearing of hearing good news: Euphobia

We Serve a Living God!: Collection of Funny Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep's

You're gonna like these costumes: Alien Xenomorph, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, the Mario Brothers, and more... Some of the Halloween costumes have instructions!!

Alien Xenomorph from Instructables

#10 She Must Be Rich

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Start Your Celebration Early with these July 4 Funny Photos


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How strange is this? Otherwise known as Curry’s Paradox...

Curry’s Paradox
Curry’s Paradox

See the post for this ↗ from Google Plus (over 500 comments): https://plus.google.com/116747581186148686204/posts/cFvXnQEwJ1J