Images courtesy of Tricia's Musings from Toronto, Ontario Canada.


  • Copy code below the image you want to display
  • Change MY-WEBSITE to your web address
  • Remember to include the http://

You comment I follow

You comment I follow

You comment I follow

You comment I follow

You comment, I follow


  1. Anonymous // 1:33 PM  

    hi steve i put it in my html template but it didn't show up on my site...

  2. stevestuff // 3:21 PM  

    I viewed your site & you placed the code in the head section of your Blogger site. It has to be in the body. You need to realize where you want to place it in referance to other items on your page. Insert the code there, check out the display, and move it if not satisfied.

  3. Learn2Flash // 11:59 PM  

    Very nice badges! I have used the black badge and hope that joining the U comment I follow movement will encourage bloggers to join the commentingsphere!

  4. Anonymous // 10:13 AM  

    It is the greatest badge of all time. Very shiny and I like how it glows in the sun.

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