wierd websites
Vox, another form of a chatterbot, is a talking character that appears on askvox.com, a question and answer community website. You ask questions and the chatting robot gives answers. There have been several such programs out for some time, but this one puts a face with it.

How do chatterboxes like Vox, know so much? When it encounters a question is doesn't already know the answer to, the question becomes open to the general public to resolve. Once, a question has been answered, it is added the Vox's information database. Her responses and personality are controlled by users visiting the site. Anyone can teach her how to answer a particular question.

One of my favorite chatterbots is iGod - it looks so impersonating! But probably the smartest of all is Jabberwacky as more people have programed this one.

For further chatterbots probing, this blog has a pretty extensive list.