del.icio.usDelicious aka Is a new form of searching/bookmarking. Rather than getting who is the best cooperation at SEO or with the most money from google and other search engines you find things which other people bookmark and tag them self. The more people who bookmark them the more popular they are when you search for them. You can add people that you know/are looking for the same things as you to your network this allows you to see there bookmarks and also save bookmarks for people in your network which you think may help them. It is completely free and when you register you need to install a program into your browser which allows you to bookmark and view your bookmarks. It installed fine into Firefox 2.0 and I've seen it working in IE.

I have been using this for a few months and now I finally feel the need to help it get out into the broader community.

It was featured in .NET Magazine:
.NET Article website

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