wierd websitesI have found yet another waste of precious time - but you know you gotta go see it - cuz itz fun! A little game called Line Rider allows you to draw a path for a little guy on a sled to follow and potentially have a horrible accident along the way. I’m not sure what’s more fun so far though, seeing how long I can keep him going or how much of a gut-wrenching accident he can have.

Some see it as more of a physics challange. Starting with a blank white space and a line tool, you draw lines for the little scarfed figure to toboggan down (see instructions on page). The physics seem reasonably accurate for a flash game. You can send your little sledder careening off of jumps, but if the course is too rough he'll be thrown from his sled. No, Line Rider isn't a game - there's no score, time limit, or any goal: you test your hill-engineering mettle with majestic jumps, or feed your sadistic side with sheer cliffs and unforgiving drops.

Take a view of what can be done and then go see if you can take on this challange.

Go here for over 5,000 linerider videos at YouTube

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