I just cannot help my insidious desire to expound upon the best of any and all human exploits, especially the rotten, down-dirty self-devaluating events that so many homosapiens (wordspell doesn't know who we are) present while trying to promote their worthiness.

Just so happens that a fellow classmate of mine presented me with a contest involving the consumption of milk. I watched the video. His subjects were pathetic - they didn't even come CLOSE to portraying the TRUE over-consumption of this dairy product. I knew then that it was up to me. I had to go out - to search and find primo content - I had a need; to seek out and find the true, the uncompromising statement of honest value- to find those who can really be called:


Take a peek at this vid (not for the lactose-intolerant individuals ... but you could sure get a good spew from them should they watch this !!!)

Sorry, you gotta go there - I just will not promote this kind of sh*t on my site! (Send me your sh*t)