Nearly every culture invents a food that is weird or disgusting to outsiders. These strange foods from around the world are cultural markers to show who's a member (insiders like it) and who's not! Could be, a group of kids started eating it on a dare. And now we even have a TV show, Fear Factor, that grants a large award for those who can partake.

Bon Appetit:

Bug_eating_1 Barbecue aux insectes (Click for more)

“…In "ISAN" area markets, it is possible to eat bugs like scorpions, grasshoppers, larva, beetles and even sometimes dogs. These days, farmers are making more by harvesting lice than rice. Now Bangkok residents also appreciate eating bugs. Canned grasshoppers, locusts, water beetles, crickets, silkworm pupae and ant eggs are available at the supermarket. Bangkok residents think of bugs as a healthy, low-calorie treat.”

From: entomophagy insect eating at Grow A Brain's Typepad Blog


Weird Foods from Around the World: Bugs!

Worms (Mexico): The little worm, the gusano, that lives on the agave plant is commonly placed in Tequila. Mmmm. There is even a special brand sold in 2-ounce bottles called "Dos Gusanos", two worms for those who can't get enough.

Ants (Belize): In a village near Orange Walk after a good tamales lunch, you can go dig in the ants nest from behind the farm and take out all the ant eggs. Then you just eat the eggs (with a sigh with satisfaction?) Supposed to taste quite like citrus juice mixed with some strong gin. Also known as "ghetto caviar".