Have you checked out Office Playground?
They have some pretty cool gadgets and great prices.

If you need office toys for your clients or employees, you can find it at OP. Their office toys are a super way to thank your top customers, reward your employees, welcome new workers and promote your company. Here's a few examples:

Cool Stuff from Office Playground! Cool Stuff from Office Playground!

Desk Toy Box (below) - This fun Desk Toy Box combines top selling office toys in one convenient package. Everyone needs to take a break to recharge their batteries in today’s hectic business environment. The items in this desk toy box are perfect for anyone who spends a lot of time on the phone, has a high stress job or is simply playful. The Desk Toy Box is a great business gift for co-workers, managers, clients and employees - $19.99.

Cool Stuff from Office Playground!
Office toys have been around since the dawn of the office and people love them! Healthy companies and savvy managers encourage the use of office toys to ensure positive employee morale. Give the gift of fun and your staff will know that you support their health, well-being and sense of humor.