Some of us just can’t let go. Even after we’ve assumed room temperature. If this sounds like you, call up your lawyer and have him sharpen his quill. Put one of these burial rituals into your last request, and keep the conversation interesting at the wake.

7 Bizarre Things to

Do After You’re Dead

  • Have your body stuffed
  • Launch yourself into space
  • Make yourself into a super hard substance
  • Go green
  • Go online
  • Have someone eat your sins
  • Escape with a coffin escape hatch.

For complete instructions on all the above, go to this health & science website.


  1. Joshua // 11:26 AM  

    I think I'd choose the "Have someone eat your sins". Before you die though, you'd best check if you're in the Lamb's Book of Life. I guess if you're already in there ya don't have to worry about the sins bit.