While looking for more backlinks for my web design website, I came across this -

Get Free Traffic and Links from a Popular Website

This is a really easy contest (just submit a photograph and phrase) where the winners get at least one link to a website of their choice - from a site that sees thousands of visitors per day! It's fun and a way to get free exposure to a website or blog! More…

digg it!

So I click on this link, some weird promotion from a site with no page rank ([NO]INDEX and [NO]FOLLOW?). The dude wants you to submit a photo of a web 2.0 site and add a slogan in the ICANHASCHEEZBURGER writing style (be sure to visit that one, too!).

So I click on the header, leads me to the home page, and there, just under the Firefox cookies, a slue of crazy pictures (not there, visit July, 2007).

So I go an' digg up this photo - WHADDAYA THINK? Should I submit it to the dude?

... and while you're there, may-as-well check out the blogroll (he should add me!)