Ever come across a page not available? They refer to this page as a 404. Usually they look like this:

Internet Explorer cannot display the web page
Most likely causes:

  • You are not not familiar with how the Internet works.
  • The website you chose doesn't want you there.
  • There might be a lame idiot messing with your keyboard.
What you can try:
Diagnose Conviction Problems
Morr-on Problems

This problem can be caused by a variety of issues, including:
  • Blaw, blaw, blaw ...
  • Blaw, blaw, blaw ...
  • More blaw, blaw, blaw ...
But of course, this is NOT an educational blog and you DID NOT come here to learn!
My Favorite 404 Pages:

The internet is f*cking with you
The retards 404 song
Creative as he||!
Reasons for, "Why this page is not available."
Homer Simpson 404
Sour milk and other clever stories

... and you'd think that the folks at winterrowd.com would have a clever 404, but no - they use the classic style 404 Page Not Found!

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Make your own: (from) webbuilder101.com/
Create a file named 'htaccess.txt', FTP it to your web host, and then rename it to .htaccess.

Last but far from least, Area 404! (my inspiration) and 404's of the week awards