That's right, AIR SEX - like air guitar. Nothing like a new fad!

"There's a massive gap between those who can get sex an those who can't in Japan. So in the middle, we have air sex. -- If there are no children born because we are having aie sex, we will become extinct!"


  1. DrowseyMonkey // 12:36 AM  

    That is just weird. Totally werid. I had to look away...but only for a minute then I looked back.

  2. Stealth // 1:17 PM  

    This is kinda sad...

  3. Stealth // 1:17 PM  

    This is kind of sad...

  4. DrowseyMonkey // 6:30 PM  

    I had to reference your post in mine today...this topic was just too weird to pass up! lol