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  1. mwaybob // 3:06 AM  

    Looks pritty, but winds me up!

  2. Richard // 4:31 AM  

    Lock-ups, shut downs, then Service Pack 2 killed my wireless card...which was the ONLY thing, as a matter of convenience, prevented me from installing Ubuntu! After several calls to tech support to resolve the issue, I gave up. My wireless card won't work in Ubuntu without some hacking, but it didn't work with Vista SP1.

  3. ren // 11:38 PM  

    Vista sucks, I just UPGRADED my new laptop to XP and it works MUCH better! Damn Vista, it's a total waste of processor power AND money.

  4. Anonymous // 4:17 PM  

    Microsoft has completely destroyed any credibility it had left by releasing Vista "as is". Yes, their EULA *seems* to let them 'off the hook' for the hundreds of dollars or work hours you might need to POSSIBLY get the system to run as intended. But, I learned in a law class that a person CANNOT consent to *actual negligence*. (e.g. A doctor amputates the wrong leg... can't just say: "You agreed, when you signed surgery consent, that surgery is risky." Complications and post-op problems are common but but amputating a wrong leg is NEGLIGENT. (Not paying appropriate attention.) I've heard far too many stories now of Vista being completely worthless on an average fairly new XP machine that releasing Vista *seems to be* an act of intentional negligence. They *knew* it was a turkey and released it anyway. (Probably figuring they'd patch it up with service packs.) They've had 5 years to get Vista right, a few patches are not going to fix a system that is flawed from the ground up. People (including myself) are now actually afraid to purchase it or machines with it! I begged my father not to get it but he did Microsoft is FORCING retailers to load Vista ONLY! Even systems built to be "Vista" compatible are still VERY slow and unresponsive. (I worked with it all day once and I'm used to any window closing nearly instantly upon clicking the X, not with Vista, I had to wait - 15 to 30 seconds (that adds up quickly to minutes and over time - hours of wasted time). There were nearly constant interruptions for "security checks" of the simplest things. My tale is minor, you can hear far worse Vista horror stories all around the web. Young adults who have gown up with plenty of buggy Windows operating systems nearly all seem to agree that Vista is by FAR the worse "Windows" OS ever released.