100% authentic, hand-picked from the streets of New York, and packaged into cubes for your viewing pleasure.

Each sculpture is uniquely arranged in a 4.5" tall lucite cube, then individually signed, numbered, and dated. Limited edition cubes have been made from events such as the Republican National Convention, New Year's Eve in Times Square and the World Series at Yankee Stadium.

To date over 800 cubes have been sold to people in over 41 states and 20 countries.
Garbage for sale
"You're actually getting a piece of New York."

Justin Gignac, advertising major at School of Visual Art, has invented a new art form and is now selling 4.5 inch plastic cubes, sealed with New York City refuse intact. He claims that a lot of care goes into each one, making them unique and one-of-a-kind.

Justin doesn't just grab a handful of trash and throw it into the cubes, each one gets a selection of key articles. You could find cigarette butts, hot-dog foil, ticket stubs, MetroCards, and plastic beer cups to name a few of the treasures.

cigarette butts, metro cards, string, dirt, bottlecaps, a.b.c. gum, ripped photos, love letters, shards of glass, sports tickets, parking tickets, theater tickets, lottery tickets, soda cans, matchbooks, paper towels, club flyers, coffee cups, broken things, menus, the occassional half-eaten headless gummy bear.