The Orphans of Mother Goose

Never Never Land, Tacoma, WA

I can't believe I actually found this website. This really takes me back! Displayed on this site is the figurines that were once used in a children's display of a fabulous fairy tale wonderland. I remember going there when it was first exhibited, back in the good-ol-daz (somewhere around 1967).

But no more since vandals screwed it up. The project was abandoned in 2004. All that's left now, is a few of the original playhouse structures, barely visible as what they used to represent. It sure would be nice if this place could get restored; I'd visit it!

Can you imagine the delight in the minds of children when they came upon this place? This was truly heaven! Even the adults took amazement when visiting here.

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Never Never Land, Tacoma, WA

Back from the park ...

After all the deja vu, We just HAD to go to Never Never Land today!
Here's the results:

Stevestuff on the big shoe at Never Never Land, Tacoma

The Old Ladies' Shoe in need of repair
... me in need of some exercise!

Glenda at Owens Beach, Tacoma
Glenda at Owen's Beach
... same park, different venue.

Hickery Dickery Dock at Never Never Land, Tacoma
"Where's that damn mouse?"