Image courtesy of AshleysBrideGuide.comCome on people, leave me a comment!

OK, so maybe previous to this, you didn't have a reason; now you do - GET YOUR LINK LOVE.

But 1st, let me explain a few things.

  • This blog has a Google page rank of 3 which ain't too shabby.
  • When you get a link from another website directed to yours, Google thinks you're a little more important. This can help your SERP (search engine results position).
  • When you go to leave a comment, there's choices for your identity. Choose Name/URL.
  • Do not use your name - use the keywords you want to have Google notice your website for.
  • If you have a new page on your website, or a specific page you want visitors directed to, use that URL.
  • Be patient, your comment needs to be moderated before it gets posted.
  • DO NOT post more than 2 URL's per post - I will reject your comment.
  • And PLEASE - leave a comment that pertains to the subject.
Maybe you'd like to do the same, but don't know how to turn off the "nofollow" that is hidden inside of many blogs. At Andy Beard's blog, he features the ultimate list of nofollow and dofollow plugins.

What is Dofollow - what is Nofollow?

Pros and cons of the Dofollow movement

Want the HTML code for a custom graphic "You Comment, I Follow" button? Just click on the images below, in my Get some Link Love! post.


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