Because that's what she wanted!

It was a couple months ago when we decided to get remarried. Mainly because of financial reasons; should she kick-off, all her retirement would go who knows where. So we had to decide when we should do this thing. "Why not Halloween?" she says, "After all, our first marriage was on April Fool's Day. This would be a fine, memoriable day for our wedding."

OK, so what! ... our first marriage was on April Fool's Day. We were young Fools ... now we're old Ghouls!

Next decision was what type of wedding we should have. Both being raised in Christian homes, we surely didn't want a religious ceremony, what minister would marry a couple on such a day, possibly a Wicca Priest? Nah, we wanted this to be small as possible. Time to search Craigslist.

We ended up using Allen Greenky of JP Weddings, and held the ceremony at his chapel - the side yard of his house. A friend of mine from college took photos, and they should be ready for posting here after Tuesday.

But then, the wedding pictures just might be a bit altered, like the Photoshopped image above.

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