Liquid Ass - The new stink bomb prank in action!

Make a BIG impression at your Holiday Party with Liquid Ass!

Liquid Ass

Liquid ASS is a highly–concentrated, butt–crack smell with hints of dead animal and fresh poo. Its uses are unlimited. Spray it in an elevator, car or office cubical. Just a few sprays of Liquid Ass is enough clean a crowded room. Totally spoil that office party with Liquid Ass. The next time you have the urge for a funny prank or if you just need to get the party started, reach for a bottle of Liquid ASS.
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Pull My Finger® Santa!

Get in the spirit (and smells) of the holiday season with our jolly Pull My Finger® Santa!

I don't get anything from this, but you GOTTA see this - the best alternative to "Billy Bass"
Jingle Jugs

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