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DIGG offbeat news 3-3-09

French Boy Stabs Sister Over Nintendo DS
A five year-old boy in the French town of Uckange has stabbed his ten year-old sister with a kitchen knife following an argument Link to story

11 'Modern' Technologies That Are Way Older Than You Think
... it turns out a lot of our most technologically sophisticated inventions were already invented.Link to story

Barry Manilow to be Used Against Mall Rats
Manilow's smooth and gentle tones to be broadcast through the central mall district can pacify unruly teens. Link to story

School Board Members Wants Maddness Added To Curriculum
... pro-madness agenda at Arkham school district's monthly meeting Link to story

Nebraska deputies say man stuffed cat inside of bong
A man who tried to mellow out his cat by stuffing her into a homemade bong is facing criminal charges Link to story

Women Accused of Having Sex With Their Students
orlandosentinel.com — 13 women who couldn't hold their urges Link to story

Pink dolphin appears in US lake
... was discovered in an inland lake in Louisiana, USA Link to story

5 Ways Your Brain Is Messing With Your Head
Be advised that your brain does not want you reading the following list - cracked.com Link to story

Wanted since 1928: Cops aim to serve warrant
Carter County Sheriff's Department - trying to serve an 80-year-old warrant Link to story

Car Thief Nabbed After Calling 911 To Brag
Duluth man is behind bars after allegedly stealing a car and repeatedly calling 911 to brag Link to story