This is one seriously hilarious video!! So entertaining, you will definitely watch the whole thing.

If his aim of making this video was to entertain, I think JazznGuzzn has truely done so. Great  editing - this video was well-planned. With all his different costumes, you can visualize all the members of Black Eyed Peas. TRUELY CREATIVE!!

Dude's got attitude -  conveys the story behind this song by the Black Eyed Peas! What made this video so damn funny was his weird dancing style.

I cannot say much about his voice. He sometimes went off-pitch. His rendition of Fergie’s part of the song was bordering on the ridiculous when he used his falsetto. Even so, I must give his performance 2 thumbs up for entertainment value.

Tried to get his name - as mentioned in Best of Both Worlds: Filipino-American Boy (watch that one, too!), could be either Dayton Christopher Johnson - or - Jason Reis De La Cruse -??

Any rate, I wish him well on his way to stardom - best of luck, Jason.