Jim Carrey Blasts Tweeple For Calling Him "Crazy"

I was reading some Twitter messages, and came across a continuing message from Jim Carrey. And what's this "bounce the big blue ball" thing - #BOING?? Without further ado:

#BOING WORLD! I'm so grateful 2 u who bounce the big blue ball with me but I've had it with u who need 2 chalk me up as crazy. cont.-->

The truth is I'm an intuitive,creative,and spiritual person.I'm healthier,smarter,and YES much more sane than u who say I'm crazy.cont-->

I'm so sane in fact,that I have managed to transcend the pettiness of your kind my whole life! U suppressive types who r so afraid...cont-->

that some1 might create something with lasting impact in this world, something u cannot find the faith or the courage to dream of...cont-->

...and so you serve no purpose except to get in the way of those who bounce this big blue ball. I call you CYCLOPS because... cont--->

the vision of these narrow minds is flat,2D,and those of us who see are something 2 fear. So I say to you who need 2 call me nuts...cont--->


Oh by the way, I may have spelled CYCLOPS wrong but frankly my dear... I don't give a #BOING. ;^)

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