Don't really see the outstanding weirdness behind all these except for  Six Sided Strange:

  1. Bed Bug Hotels: The website informs people before they relocate into a home having bed bugs.
  2. 4 million digits of Pi: This website brings four million digits out of the 10 million digits on a single web page It also entices users to indulge in recital all the digits of Pi on the page. Here, each digit is assigned a color and presented as a 1X1 pixel dot.
  3. I Found Money Today: This website ridiculously asks users to put money somewhere such that somebody else may find it. Users are also given the option of sending photos of their gifts and a short description about why they did it.
  4. Six Sided Strange: It is a creation by Jason Nelson and it is a flash interaction. Users can move their cursor to find out lines of prose withing a moving maze of animated objects
  5. Kim Jong-il Looking at things: This blog features the late North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il looking at things