Ain't it strange how wè stumble over our grammur (esp spèlling!) misteaks (sp!) and go brain dead when it comes to 4 & 5 ledder (sp!) words?

Well, sometinez it can actually work out four the better.

I jes realised that I spèlt weird (sp!) wrong ... wierd, eh? Then I looked up some keywords for my blog an found that got Google 6th page placement under "wierd websites," and front & center #1 for "wierd websites blog." {C 4 Ur-zelf}.

Jes goes tuh show yah: somtimes illituracy pays off!

So now #@! ... ah ... i gotta banner (puter on yer pagez)! It's a 468 x 60 jpeg

Jes copy da code in da box!

... and here's a smaller one - 200 X 60

wierd websites